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TPM 5 – Türkiye

Final Meeting Gölcük–Türkiye
15– 17 May 2023
GölcükVET, TR : Gökhan Cihan Abayhan, Yıldız Barsbay, Cemal Özyiğit
Oemuc, NMK : Sanja Jovanoska, Alexandra Nastoska, Stojan Noveski
2Sek, GR : Dimitrios Agapakis, Konstantinos Panteris,
Robkod, TR : Bülent Yüksel, Kamil Aydın
Imaltuna, ES : Yosune Guerenabarrena, Liher Errasti
Gretb, IR : John McLoughlin

1. Welcome and Introduction to the Meeting

Mr. Metin Yalaz (Director of) Şehit Volkan Tantürk Vocational and Technical High School and the Project Coordinator Mr. Gökhan Abayhan gave a welcome speech to all the participants.
After the welcoming speech Mr. Gökhan Cihan Abayhan has presented the program of the Final Meeting.

2. Reviewing the overall status of the project

Mr.Gökhan Cihan Abayhan, the project coordinator of Gölcük Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, made a presentation reviewing the Project.

The following topics were discussed.
– Reviewing the overall status of the project (Reviewing of tasks and works done according to the distribution of tasks)
– The point reached in the 24 month period of the project.
– Review of the work done so far, procedures for cover up and enclosure of the project
– Reviewing the financial statements regarding the work done and the statements sent by the institutions
– Sustainability and Dissemination of the project

All participants gave information about the Project tasks have been realised by their own institutions during the last 6 month period.


3. Final State of the Simulation

The state of the simmulation was revised and final shape of the worksheets have been given and they’re ready to be used. Opinions of all the partners have been taken. The institutions stated that the feedbacks had been taken from the users were positive and the simmulator could be actively used spesificly in the electric and electronic scope of VET. As the Spanish Partner stated the simmulator was definetly beneficial especially fort he students at EQF Level 3. Greek parner sugessted that although they didn’t have kind of curriculum they were going to present it to the usage of apprentices and share it with the VET authorities. 2Sek of Heraklion stated that they had visited a VET school with a scope of electric and electronicand introduced the simmulator and had positive feedback.


4.Reviewing the Financial Statements

The presentation regarding the financial studies was made by Gölcük Şehit Volkan Tantürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian School Project Coordinator Gökhan Cihan Abayhan.
The financial statements regarding the work done and the statements sent by the institutions were reviewed.
As previously agreed, institutions’ financial payments and documents are determined to be uploaded on the project drive by all the partners. The originals of the documents were decided to be kept and delivered to the project coordinator at the end of the project.

In addition, all institutions were informed about other supporting documents that should be included in the drive.


5. Last announcements, Meeting Evaluation, Questions and Suggestions

Studies on the Moodle structure, which is planned to be used for student tracking on the online education platform, has been carried out under the leadership of Migual Altuna institution and its technicians.
The partners has reached to an agreement to appoint two admins for each institution who will enable students to sign up to the Moodle. The names of those appointed admins will also be shared with Miguel Altuna, the leading institution of the Moodle. Furthermore It was stated by Robkod that the price of membership to the Moodle is 97 Euros monthly in addition space fee is also required . Adding that only solution to this problem is to buy a server space and move the Moodle to this server. Since this would be much more reasonable all the institutins
agreed on having a server. Robkod will be responsible institution to move the Moodle to the server.


The project web page has been prepared prepared by our northern Macedonian partner and all institutions has provided the necessary document support. The project web page has been determined as The necessary FTP information has already been sent to the northern Macedonian partner.
After a review on the web page GölcükVET requested change in the design of the simmulator from Oemuc. They agreed on the change and stated that they would change the design of the page. Another request was on the eTwinning Project and 2Sek of Heraklion stated that eTwinning Project will be completed by the end of June.
It’s also requested from the partners to upload their dissemination activities to the Drive. Another point requested from the partners was to reach out the local authorities for a successful dissemination and sustainability.
Gölcük VET’s Final request from the partners was about preparing a dissemination plan and report.


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