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TPM 3 (North Macedonia)




1-2 September, 2022


The meeting was attended by:

GölcükVET, TR : Cemal Özyiğit, Gökhan Cihan Abayhan, Mine Barkin
Oemuc, NMK : Aleksandra N.Nikoloska, Sanja Jovanoska, Jordanka N.Simidzioska Ljupcho Baleski, Stojan Noveski
2Sek, GR : Dimitrios Agapakis, Konstantinos Panteris
InterCollege, DK : Ana Vieru
Robkod, TR : Yasin Koçman, Kamil Aydın
Imaltuna, ES : Yosune Guerenabarrena, Liher Errasti, Intz Iriarte
Gretb, IR : John Keaveney, John Feeney


  1. Welcome and Introduction to the Meeting

Mr. Saso Nedeski (Director of OEMUC”Sv.Naum Ohridski) gave a welcome to all the participants.

Mr. Gökhan Cihan Abayhan, the Project Director of Golcuk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, welcomes the group as well. Mr. Gökhan Cihan Abayhan presented the program of the TPM3.




  1. Reviewing the overall status of the project

Mr.Gökhan Cihan Abayhan, the project coordinator of Gölcük Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, made a presentation about the reviewing of the Project.

The following topics are the topics discussed.

  • Reviewing the overall status of the project (Reviewing the distribution of tasks and works done according to the distribution of tasks)
  • The point reached in the 15th month of the project
  • Review of the first 6-month work schedule
  • Review of the second 6-month calendar
  • Reviewing the financial statements regarding the work done and the statements sent by the institution

All participants gave information about the work of their own institutions during this period. Information was received about the dissemination activities carried out locally. 

The task of preparing Pedagogical and Technical Guidelines was given to Intercollege (Denmark).

 Spanish partner Miguel Altuna continues the task of preparing the Development of Professional Compentence Test. Tests have been created and are in the experimental phase. 

Newly prepared worksheets were introduced. The contents were explained and tested on the simulation. 




  1. Reviewing the Financial Statements

The presentation regarding the financial studies was made by  Gölcük  Şehıt Volkan Tantürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian School Project Coordınator Gökhan Cihan Abayhan.

The financial statements regarding the work done and the statements sent by the institutions were reviewed. A presentation was made on how often they should be reported were explained.

As previously agreed, all institution will upload their financial payments documents to the project drive. The originals of the documents will be kept to be delivered to the project coordinator at the end of the project.

In addition, all institutions were informed about other supporting documents that should be included in the drive.

It was reminded that the documents must be signed and sealed by the director of the instirution.


  1. Final State of the Simulation

Robkod institution officials Mr. Yasın Koçman and Mr. Kamıl Aydın made a presentation about the latest point reached in the simulation.

Information was given about the content of the simulation, the general working principle, the electrical and electronic tools used in the simulation and their usage patterns. 

It was seen that desired improvements were made in the previous meeting. The simulation was re-presented as it was and the partners were asked for their opinions.

Here are some recommendations for the simulator Project;

  • ‘Snap’ all wiring to vertical and horizontal grid to disallow non orthogonal wiring.
  • Hold the ‘VIEW’ screen active once chosen and allow to move about the main screen until closed.
  • Reverse the +100% – button to -100% to conform with standard method.
  • Set wiring color codes for Live, neutral, earth, and data to EU standard color codes or allow the user to choose the color code appropriate to their country.
  • Group the elements to be chosen into logical standard electrical groups. ie, Power, Actuator, Switch, Load, Input/Output sensor.
  • When you select a new worksheet, it should clear the existing worksheet on the main working screen.

The partners discussed what should be included in the project outputs. A consensus was reached on what to do and how to do it. It was decided to cooperate in the work to be done.

To complete the simulation: It was seen that all institutions prepared worksheets to be used in simulation. Experiments were made by drawing the prepared worksheets in the simulation.

  1. OEMUC “Sv. Naum Ohridski” Institution Technical Visits Tour

A presentation trip was made to OEMUC and KOSTAL – partner company in the dual education project with all the participants. The project carried out by the institution so far were introduced. The studies carried out by the institution were shown. The workshops of the institution were visited. Information about the course content was obtained.



  1. Ohrid Cultural Trip

The trip was made for all participants. We visit Plaosnik, Kaneo, Biljana springs, Bay of Bones and monastery of Saint Naum.



  1. Last announcements, Meeting Evaluation, Questions and Suggestions

Studies on the Moodle structure, which is planned to be used for student tracking on the online education platform, will be carried out under the leadership of Migual Altuna institution and its technicians.

The project web page was published by our North Macedonian partner with the domain name 

All partners held meetings about the project outputs. The partners discussed what should be included in the project outputs. A consensus was reached on what to do and how to do it. It was decided to cooperate on the work to be done.

Each institution will prepare 4 different worksheets to be used in the simulation. All the prepared content has been entered into the simulation.

Information and standards regarding quality management were presented by our Irish partner at the previous meeting.

It was requested that the simulation be reviewed by all partners and feedback should be provided if there are technical English errors where necessary.

Robkod Inc has 1 month to prepare the desired changes in the simulation. At the end of 1 month, all partners will test the simulation and prepare feedback reports.

The next meeting (TPM4) is going to be held in 2December 2022 in Aalb0rg, Denmark, hosted by Intercollage. 

LTT2 meeting will take place in Crete, Greece between 27-31 March 2023.

TPM5 meeting will be held between 15-16 May 2023 in Gölcük, Turkey, hosted by Gölcük SVT VET

The multiplies event of our project will be held on May 17, 2023 in Kocaeli, Turkey, hosted by Robkod Inc



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